Royal Jelly: Natural Acne Cure

This condition, so unsightly, is largely due to nutritional imbalances.  It is also related to hormonal disturbances.  Teenagers are faced with sudden fluctuations in hormone levels.  If they are malnourished and/or if they eat processed foods, the hormonal imbalances may be severe enough to precipitate acne.  This is why royal jelly is so valuable, since it is a tremendously rich source of nutrients as well as naturally occurring hormones.  It is the internal consumption that is most productive.  The regular intake reduces the desire for junk foods and improves the appetite for healthy foods. 

Royal jelly offers an additional benefit: it exerts therapeutic actions on the skin.  The skin is normally acidic, and this acidic nature protects the skin ducts from bacteria and other germs.  If the pH of the skin is disturbed, the skin is more readily invaded.  Royal jelly is a highly acidic substance, in fact, it is the best naturally occurring source of hydroxy acids, the ones commonly used in skin creams.  The positive actions occur whether it is applied topically or taken internally.  Regular use greatly improves the health of the skin, as is manifested by a decrease in blemishes (acne, blackheads, cystic acne), improved thickness, improved texture, and better color.

Dr. Cass Ingram

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