Powers of the hive

Bees are among the most industrious of all creatures. They spend their entire lives collecting plant compounds, many of which are in essence, potent medicines. Plants are the original source of many of today's most popular medicines. Examples include aspirin, digitalis, penicillin, Taxol, and Nystatin. Bees make plant concentrates. Thus, they produce concentrated medicines. These natural medicines include honey, bee pollen, propolis, bee venom, and, of course, royal jelly. All of the bee productions provide significant medicinal properties, a fact which is easily proven both in human and test tube studies.

Regenerative factor

Rather than thinking of royal jelly as a magic elixir or fountain of youth, let us look at its value from a physiological viewpoint. Every day the human body undergoes a variety of' processes which are essential to its existence. Cells die and are born. They become diseased or cured. They regenerate or decay. The body is constantly attempting to rebuild itself, to avoid the onset of disease, toxicity, and decay. Yet, it needs a wide range of nutritive substances to do so. This is why royal jelly is so vital. With its immense nutritional and biochemical profile, it aids in the natural regenerative processes by supplying precisely what the body needs. Thus, it helps the cells heal themselves.

Aging is clearly associated with a decline in cellular nutrition. When the cells become deficient in nutrients, they age rapidly. If they are well supplied with all of the nutrients they need, they remain vital. Aging is also associated with a decline in hormone levels. In fact, one of the signs of premature aging is a decline in blood levels of adrenal steroids, like DHEA. A low DHEA level is also associated with a high cancer risk. Royal jelly is the only nutritional agent which supplies a high density of nutrients as well as safe and natural hormones. Regular consumption boosts the cellular stores of critical nutrients as well as hormones. This may account for its anti-aging actions, because the cells must have nutrients and hormones to regenerate.

The regenerative processes of the intestines illustrate how this works. Every day billions of intestinal cells die. These cells must be replaced, otherwise disease results. The body must independently procure the nutrients necessary to rebuild these uncountable billions of cells. Procuring these nutrients is a tedious process. Commercial foods are completely depleted, so it is virtually impossible to induce regeneration from these foods. In fact, processed foods induce degeneration. Even chemical-free. farmed-raised. and organic foods fail to provide sufficient density to induce regeneration. In all of these food sources nutrients exist in relatively low density. This is why royal jelly is so valuable. It provides the building blocks needed for reconstruction. This decreases the stress on the digestive organs. The process of reconstruction now becomes easier, because, when royal jelly is consumed, the necessary nutrients are provided. Instead of the cells being forced to synthesize difficult to produce substances like DNA and RNA. these substances are in essence "hand delivered:' The DNA and RNA are required for cellular repair and may largely account for royal jelly's anti-aging action. Yet, royal jelly does more: it induces the body to produce its own genetic material. French researchers have proven that royal jelly provokes the intracellular synthesis of DNA. This compound is the very basis of life. This explains why researchers worldwide claim that royal jelly revives the body when all other therapies fail.

Some foods cause the body more work to digest than they are nutritionally worth.  Thus, little nourishment is derived in the process. This is especially true of processed and refined foods. Even when the processed foods are synthetically fortified, they fail to provide the intense biological nutrition that the body craves. Eventually, due to the inadequacy of the food, key nutrients are depleted from the body, weakening the body's resistance. Yet, if this state of poor nutrition is perpetuated, tile health of future generations will also be greatly weakened.

Focusing on eating to live, Americans are overfed and undernourished. It is more desirable to consume less food, while consuming mainly those which are nutrient dense. These nutrient dense foods nourish and strengthen the body, never depleting it. Thus, focusing on eating for life can radically improve life and add years of restful living to your life potential. Royal jelly is perhaps the most nutrient dense and nutrient replenishing of all foods.

Dr. Cass Ingram

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